Shane Howard's going 'Deeper South'

Somebody once asked Woody Guthrie how you get to be a musician. He replied "Throw your hat on the road, lean against a post and start practicing. When somebody drops a coin in the hat, you're a musician." 

Shane Howard is about to record his 13th solo album and we are 'putting the hat out' to those who would like to support Shane to record, mix and master his new album, 'Deeper South'

Shane is a prolific Australian songwriter, admired and respected for his integrity and commitment to his art. His songs journey deep into the human soul and cast a critical artist's eye over society, championing the cause of our fragile environment and the injustices endured by the common people, at the hands of the vanity of empire. After 30 years of singing, writing and journeying the globe, from campfires to concert halls, he has consolidated his voice to provide an important addition to the evolving folklore of modern song. 

Just like the sky and waters of the Great Southern Ocean, where Shane Howard was raised and resides, his 13th solo album, ‘Deeper South’, features songs full of music and poetry that are deep and dark yet illuminated by great shafts of light.

Funds raised through OzCrowd will assist Shane to record, mix, master and manufacture the album.

If you'd like to help Shane record his new songs then you can visit Shane's OzCrowd campaign site and make a secure payment with your credit card. 

The Deluxe special edition CD and any artwork, book or posters associated with the pledge package that you choose, will be available and posted to you in December 2014. 

'Deeper South' is the 9th independent album released by Shane on his Goanna Arts label, distributed through MGM.

Any questions? You can send us an email to

Thank you for your ongoing support for independent artists and Australian music. 


the Goanna Arts Team  
'We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams'

Special thanks to our friends at OzCrowd for their uniquely Australian owned crowd funding platform, and for their ongoing support of new and great ideas in this country!

Cover art  of 'Deeper South' features ‘Caught in a Low Tide’ by Graeme Altmann

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$30 -  New CD 'Deeper South' - Deluxe Edition, signed. 

$60 - New CD 'Deeper South' - Deluxe Edition, signed, poster and 'Lyrics' book package.

$250 - New CD 'Deeper South' - signed,  Shane Howard Art Quality Print 'Franklin River' package.

$250 - New CD 'Deeper South' - signed, Shane Howard Art Quality Print 'Gulf River' package.  

$250 - New CD 'Deeper South' - signed, Shane Howard Art Quality Print ‘Uluru’ package.

$250 - New CD 'Deeper South' - signed, Shane Howard Art Quality Print ‘Coopers Creek’ package.

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Thank you, go raibh maith agat, Palya

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"Howard is one of Australia's most influential songwriters who combines a deep understanding of poetic and musical folk traditions and captures something essential of the spirit of Australia in words and music. Nevertheless, his songs have a global reach and explore universal themes".   Aziz Choudry, Montreal.
This is the official site of Shane Howard, Australian singer / songwriter, guitarist, producer and author. Howard has refined his art with 12 solo albums, 3 Goanna albums, two books and a stable of great production credits, that have established him as a significant contributor to Australian folklore.

His anthemic song, Solid Rock, from the album, Spirit of Place (1982), recorded with his band Goanna, was written after a moving experience at an inma at Uluru in 1981. It has since passed into folklore and the Australian psyche. He pushed on, beyond commercial success, tirelessly pursuing an artist’s journey, in order to make sense of the story of a ‘whitefella’ in an Aboriginal country.

His songs have been recorded by numerous artists as diverse as Ireland's Mary Black and Australia's John Farnham and Troy Cassar-Daley. He has spent much of his musical life working with Aboriginal musicians, as well as touring Ireland and forging Irish-Australian connections. Shane has been a producer for the Pigram Brothers, Street Warriors, Mary Black, Archie Roach and the soundtrack for the Jimmy Chi musical, Corrugation Road. He’s a founding member of the celebrated Black Arm Band.
‘He sounds as though he has drunk deeply from the same fountain that gave the world Henry Lawson, Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan.’
Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald


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